What is Munarax?

Munarax is a web 3 mobile game with educational and game-fi elements where main weapon is your mind. Users equipped with NFT Towers and Heros play against each other to earn #Token, which can be used to level up and mint new Towers and Heros.

Users equipped with NFT Towers and Heros play against each other to earn #Token, which can be used to level up and mint new Towers and Heros.

How we profit

We take small taxes from in-app activities, such as NFT trading, Tower/Hero-minting and rental. All assets in the MUNARAX are owned by individual users and majority of earnings in app are made by users.


Zero entry barries, start with free tower and update your game skills. Increase your rank and start to earn

Your mind is your main weapon

Win your opponent to earn more. We developed simple, but enthralling gameplay

Play - Learn - Earn

MUNARAX developed not only to play and earn, but also to learn main concepts of economics

Our mission to teach people through games and make society more financially educated and sustainable

Token burning

Token distribution

Token vesting


2021 Q4

The Concept of Munarax is born;
Encircle algorithm development.

2022 Q1

Core gameplay prototype;
Mocap design;
Team building.

2022 Q2

Major update of encircle algorithm;
Android app;
Closed alpha test.

2022 Q3

Community building;
iOS app;
GameFi System.

2022 Q4

In-app Trade Function;
In-app Marketplace;
Closed beta test.

2023 Q1

Public beta;
Artifacts with loot box.

2023 Q2

Marketplace update;
New maps.

2023 Q3

Multi-chain wallet;
New Artifacts;
New Maps;
1st Tournament.

2023 Q4

Rental system;
Community event;
Roadmap 2.0.

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