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MUNARAX is Web3 mobile game with educational and
Gami-Fi elements where main weapon is your mind

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2021 Q4

The Concept of Munarax is born;
Encircle algorithm development.

2022 Q1

Core gameplay prototype;
Mocap design;
Team building.

2022 Q2

Major update of encircle algorithm;
Android app;
Closed alpha test.

2022 Q3

Community building;
iOS app;
GameFi System.

2022 Q4

In-app Trade Function;
In-app Marketplace;
Closed beta test.

2023 Q1

Public beta;
Artifacts with loot box.

2023 Q2

Marketplace update;
New maps.

2023 Q3

Multi-chain wallet;
New Artifacts;
New Maps;
1st Tournament.

2023 Q4

Rental system;
Community event;
Roadmap 2.0.

Munara Metaverse is a Tower Style Intelligence games

Focused not only on gameplay but also educational, where players will learn:

Banking products

Business development

Tactics and strategies

Basics of macroeconomics


And all these with fun in the gamify process and real tokens

Elements of


More game concepts are coming


Use your mind to apply best tactics and strategies to win battles and earn trophies.

Heroes arena

Apply development and battle strategies to use strong parts of your Hero.

PvP tower defense

Think faster than your opponent and win is yours.


Is a famous game, where players seize territory, with GameFi system these territories will be developed by users to earn tokens.